Structured Cable Systems

Structured Cable systems are the basis for information system of any scale and purpose. It includes cable systems, active hardware, connectors and other elements that integrate into common complex. All these are managed by special software products.

After many years on the market, UGT’s specialists have accumulated unique experience in projection and establishment of strong structured cable systems. UGT has respective partnership agreements with large SCS manufacturers.

Systems established by UGT are characterized by reliability and scalability. Due to these factors customers’ offices are equipped with reliable systems that are ready to be expanded with low cost. Flexibility of SCS systems deployed by UGT makes it easier to modify and configure work places.

UGT has strong technical potential in the projection of SCS systems. Special attention is paid to the development of respective documentation. With deep knowledge and experience gained through many projects implemented in different conditions, UGT’s specialists deploy SCS systems that fully correspond to customers’ requirements.

Productivity is one of the characteristics of SC Systems developed by UGT. By effective management of customers resources and solving of business critical problems SCS substantially lessen the cost of systems’ exploitation.

Projection and deployment of SCS are carried out by UGT’s certified specialists. SCS developed and deployed by UGT correspond to the world standards.